It’s the beginning of the year and time to make New Year’s Resolutions. Resolutions are good way to make positive changes in yourself and enhance your life. In fact, 47% of all resolutions focus on areas of self improvement!

The top 10 New Year’s Resolutions are all ones you have heard many times before. The reason why? Only 8% of people who make the New Year’s Resolutions actually achieve them in the time frame of an entire year.

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

10 – Reuse, Reduce and Recycle

With many companies going green, concerns about the environment are on everyone’s minds. Repurpose those useless appliances or knick knacks around the house into new items. Recycle all paper and plastic and make sure to carry a reusable bag to the grocery store. It is easy to do your part to save the environment, but it needs to be a collective effort. A wonderful New Year’s Resolution the entire family can embrace.

New Year’s Resolutions
Recycled 7-Up pop can!

9 – Be A Better Person

Want to feel better about yourself and lighten your spirit? Forgive more. Speak up! Leave a large tip for a job well done. Take time to play a little every day. Fall in love. Mentor others to help them achieve their dreams. Put others’ needs first. Do something unexpected for someone. Give to a charitable cause. Change anger into a positive thought.  And remember, the best things in life are not things!

8 – Get Organized

Don’t put off cleaning out the closet or sorting your sock drawer for yet another year. A New Year’s Resolution that will benefit you all year is to get your life organized. Balance your checkbook. Clean out the garage. Donate household items and clothing to a shelter or Salvation Army. Color code or file important paperwork in one place. Getting your belongings organized is a very cleansing experience.

7 – Spend More Time with Family and Friends

Every year the Christmas cards go out and you write to friends, telling them that you should get together more often. Now is the time to make it happen. The only way to spend more time with family and friends is to consciously make the time. Don’t put it off for tomorrow. Relationships are important and should be built into your calendar right away in January to start off on the right foot.

New Year’s Resolutions
Spend more time with friends…

6 – Volunteer

Many people want to volunteer or donate their time or talents, but don’t know where to start. Begin with your local newspaper and identify opportunities to give of yourself. Offer to speak during career day at your local school. Volunteer at the hospital or nursing home. Soup kitchens are always in need of extra hands, so get in touch with your church to identify its needs. New Year’s Resolutions that benefit others as well as yourself are the best!

5 – Learn Something New

Whether you sign up for a class at a local college or finally get up enough courage to take flying lessons, learning something new is exciting and invigorating. An education is never wasted, so consider this an opportunity to enhance yourself or get certified for a credential that can help you get a promotion at your current job, take a ceramics class just for fun, or learn a new sport.

4 – Change Your Job

Stop complaining about your co-workers or boss and send your resume out! If you are bored or dissatisfied with your current work, a change may be just what the doctor ordered. Start by revamping and updating your resume using current, acceptable practices and apply for jobs. Sometimes being in a new environment is just what you need to jump start your career!

Get a new job!

3 – Manage Your Debt/Save Money/Spend Less

It’s always a good idea to get your finances under control. With all of the Christmas bills pouring in, you will see your bank accounts depleted, and that can be very depressing. It’s time to start a budget and stick to it! New Year’s Resolutions help you do something positive for yourself, and reducing your debt should be a priority. Putting a savings plan in place and creating a budget will help make you fiscally responsible this year.

2 – Quit A Bad Habit Or Vice

Many people start the year claiming they will quit smoking, drink less alcohol or stop a bad habit such as biting your nails. If you resolve yourself to a big change like this, start slowly and don’t quit cold turkey, for an increased success rate. Enlist your friends to help keep you honest and on track!

1 – Lose Weight/Get Fit/Be Healthy/Eat Healthy

Almost everyone has made this New Year’s Resolution and most have attempted weight loss more than once in their lives. The battle of the bulge is the most common resolution that people make, and remains at the top of the list every year. Whether you have a few pounds or a lot of weight to lose, the key to success is change, and being accountable for that change. Begin with small changes such as food substitutions and add a fitness program, increasing these as you go along.


Tips For Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the first month of the year and if you are part of the 45% of Americans who make New Year’s Resolutions, chances are that only 64% of you are actually still actively working at them by now. In order to be part of the 8% of individuals that meet their goals, you need to make changes to your lifestyle. Here are some tips to remember for success:

  1. Remember a New Year’s Resolution is a marathon and not a sprint! Take it slow, with small changes and work your way up as you go along.
  2. Don’t forget that you are human! You are bound to have a relapse, failure or slip up. Don’t beat yourself up and get discouraged. Acknowledge it and continue on.
  3. Watch out for midlife crisis moments! Getting that new mod hairdo or tattoo may seem like a good idea at the time, but may not be so great. Do you research, think on it and act only after you don’t have second thoughts about your decisions.
  4. Make your goals explicit! You will achieve greater success if you state your New Year’s Resolutions out loud and can measure them. Enlist the help of friends and family to keep you on track.
  5. Have fun! The changes that you make should be positive and uplifting, making you feel good. You are more likely to be successful if you enjoy and embrace the modifications to your lifestyle.

If you know people who are struggling with their New Year’s Resolutions, share this blog article with them to give encouragement, ideas and tips for a successful year of change. Leave a reply to this blog on what your New Year’s Resolution is and share how you are doing! Happy 2014 from!

Note: all statistics taken from the University of Scranton Journal of Psychology Y1/2014

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