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One of the most wonderful aspects of Christmas is the chance to add beautiful Christmas decorations to your home. From trees decked out in meaningful Christmas ornaments to candle displays that give your home a real holiday feel, there is no shortage of delightful ways to express your love for this time of year. By incorporating new trends and tried-and-true favorites, you can make your house feel festive in no time.

So get ready for some ideas that will help you welcome the season in style. The great news is 2012 offers dazzling looks that include unique color combinations and simple elegance.

The Year of the Black Water Dragon

While red and green will always be associated with the joys of Christmas, this year you might want to consider adding gold and black to your Christmas decorations. Not only will they bring a touch of sophistication to your decorations, but they symbolize the Chinese year of the black water dragon, which falls in 2012. By including these classy colors, you’ll definitely end the year with good luck and fortune.  For a beautiful golden Christmas Ornament option, please check out our November Golden Topaz Birthstone Christmas Ornament!

Golden Christmas Ornament
Golden Christmas Ornament

Blues are Beautiful

As the water dragon leaves, the year of the water snake will take its place in the Chinese calendar. So this is an opportunity to include both themes in your Christmas decorations. Frosty shades of blue and white are perfect colors for Christmas. Perhaps our Blue Butterfly Christmas Ornament will make your Blue-themed tree just right!  You can make your home feel like a winter wonderland with just a few sparkling touches. Even a snow-tipped Christmas tree can do the trick.

Blue Butterfly Christmas Ornament
Blue Butterfly Christmas Ornament

Gorgeous Greens and Silvers

Green is a very popular Christmas color, but it’s even more striking with the additional tones of snowy silver. Imagine the amazing possibilities of this eye-catching combination. You can capture this graceful look just by decorating your tree with silver ornaments. Or if you’d prefer to stick with an artificial tree, just add decorations in different shades of green. Either arrangement is sure to be stunning!

Simplicity is Always Trendy

Although there’s often a tendency to decorate every inch of the house for Christmas, it can be a big source of stress. But you don’t have to feel such pressure. Your home can look just as welcoming and lovely with a simple, even minimalist look. A natural wreath with distinctive decorations or a tree that has happy, bright-colored ornaments will still help you celebrate the season without the worry. A great example of this would be our vintage light bulb Christmas ornaments.  So reduce your anxiety with well-placed Christmas decorations that are tasteful and still reflect the excitement of Christmas.

Vintage Light Bulb Christmas Ornaments
Vintage Light Bulb Christmas Ornaments

Enjoy the Christmas Season

There’s no denying the fact that Christmas is a terrific time of year. Family togetherness and the perfect excuse to decorate are two important elements that make this a very special holiday indeed. But with this happiness can come many demands on your time. So it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

However, when it comes to holiday décor, you can keep up with the trends without any agony. Remember that no matter how you decide to decorate, your home will always look fabulous when you add holiday cheer.



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