Who knew there are so many towns in the U.S. that have Christmas season names?  We found five towns named Christmas, one named Christmas City, Christmas Cove, Christmas Valley, and Christmasville.  There is a town called Elf, another called Humbug, six named Bethlehem, seven named Snow, and three called Snowflake.  How about Christmas plants? There is one town called Poinsettia Park, at least three named Holly, six Evergreen’s, one Mistletoe, and six called Garland.

Commemorating the magical pullers of Santa’s sleigh, there is a town named Reindeer and another called Reindeer Hills. Add to that one each named Dasher, Vixen, Cupid, Blitzen, six Comet communities, three Donner’s, and five Rudolph’s.  To top it off there are two named Noel, three Santa Claus, four Saint Nicholas, one Holiday, a Holiday Hills, Tannenbaum, Advent, Santa and  Eggnog.

So, as you can see, many town founders were in the Christmas spirit when determining names for their towns!

To find out how you can have your Christmas cards postmarked from the North Pole, and for some interesting stories on how several towns came to be called the North Pole, read our article . “U.S. Towns Named North Pole”.


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