Since most men don’t have to wear ties to work anymore and suits are mainly used for weddings and funerals, there probably hasn’t been too much buzz on Christmas ties the last few years.  However, if you like to be festive at Christmas, adding a Christmas tie is an inexpensive way to express yourself.  And you’ll have tons of choices, as we found over 18,000 different Christmas ties online!

As you might expect, you’ll find ties with familiar Christmas symbols like ornaments, Santas, Christmas Trees, stars, snowflakes, snowmen, reindeer, candy canes, presents, Christmas lights, holly, gingerbread, wreaths, elves, mistletoe, doves, poinsettias, and of course Scrooge.

For those who like the unusual you can find ties with Santa dogs, cats, cows, Obama, smiley faces, skeletons, pirates, frogs, and even sport Santas (basketball, football, baseball).

For the colorful, the ties come in neon, tie dye, peppermint swirl, ties that light up, and every color you could imagine.  If you want to wear or give a tie for a particular occupation, those are also available as well.

There are ties that say, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Dear Santa, Bah Humbug, and What I Want for Christmas.

For the risque, there is a snowman flasher, sexy woman Santas, naughty sayings (some too spicy to print here!), and a female vampire Santa with plenty of dripping blood.

You can also find a Griswold Family tie, Santa in the unemployment line, Santa smoking, three wise men on camels, The Nutcracker, religious ties, pink flamingos, penguins, and even an anti-Christmas tie!

So, to get into the holiday spirit and some good conversation starters, consider wearing a few holiday ties at Christmastime!  For more interesting facts, read our article “Christmas Ties for Men and Boys – Yesterday and Today”.

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