Anyone who has tried to buy gifts for boys above age 10 knows how difficult it is.  Clothing is almost impossible unless you are the mom, and you don’t know what video game systems they have or which games they already own.

Most boys are into video games so accessories are always a good choice.  Some can be used for multi-brand electronics gear, such as a charging station.  A gift card for an electronics store works well regardless of the game console brand they may own.  If you know they own an Apple product, you can give them an Apple gift card good on all Apple products including music downloads.  Of course, an Apple IPAD is on the wish list of many adults and kids!

Another idea is the gift of fun!  Give the person a gift card/certificate to a bowling alley, laser tag, paintball, movie theatres, batting cages, go carts, indoor golf, video arcade, water park, etc.  If they own a car, they would appreciate a  gasoline, oil change, or car wash gift card.  If they are into sports, you could give them tickets to a professional game, or even a local team.  Magazine subscriptions for either video game tips or their favorite sports are also appreciated.

Before you buy, it’s always a good idea to run your idea past the parents who can make sure you are buying something compatible with their child’s system, age, or interests.  This article gave us some great ideas:  “Christmas Presents for Young Guys”.

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