I have always wondered about a twin pregnancy that results in a pair of babies being born on different days and the most unusual situation would be if one of the twins was born on December 31st and the other twin is born on January 1st.  Not only would the twins have a separate day, they would be born in a different month, and better yet, born in entirely unique years!

It turns out that this happens a few times every year!  So, while you were out celebrating New Year’s Eve or watching the ball drop in New York City, three sets of parents with a twin pregnancy gave birth to their children in this manner, two in the United States and one in Canada.

Sisters Hannah and Danielle from Texas, brother and sister Lorraine and Brandon from Washington D.C., and sisters Gabriela and Sophia from Toronto all will share this special and remarkable bond that sets them apart from typical twins born on the same day.

In a world in which twins often have to share everything, these three sets of twins will have their own birthdays, not very common with a twin pregnancy.  While they will still probably have to share clothes, toys, books and everything else, these twins are afforded the luxury of a separate birthday, and start off with their own individuality.

Twin Pregnancy

Naming Ideas For A Twin Pregnancy

So you found out that you are having a twin pregnancy.  Naming two babies at once can be a daunting task, but there are a few methods to consider before coming up with the perfect baby names.

You can choose to rhyme the baby names such as Chloe and Zoe, Blake and Jake or Cade and Jade.  Many people find this method a little too cutesy and claim that the rhyming names are just giving a reason for your children to get made fun of on the playground, and argue that twins need to establish their own identity because they are inherently linked to one another already, and don’t need their names to be linked.

A popular naming idea for a twin pregnancy is using the same first letter for both names such as Jenna and Jessica, Michael and Matthew or Samantha and Steven. This option doesn’t have the cutesy factor if the names are not similar, but provides a united front with the same initials.

If you are looking for a clever naming situation, you can use anagrams or names in reverse.  Anagrams are names such as Lana and Alan, in which both names use all of the same letters, just in a different order.  Reverse names such as Leon and Noel are names with letters in the same position, but the name starts at one end and then at the other end.

A Twin Pregnancy Celebrates Two Tightly Bonded Individuals

A twin pregnancy is a celebration of two individual lives that come into the world simultaneously and offers the parents an opportunity to have a united pair that celebrates uniqueness, even if the twins share their birthday on the same day.

What I thought was an extremely unusual occurrence with a twin pregnancy resulting in babies born in different years actually occurs with a couple of births every year.  What a special way to kick off the new year with the birth of two new babies!

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