Are you unsure of what to get your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day? Join us as we discuss what makes the best gift for her.

Over the years, I’ve received many Valentine’s Day gifts. Russ and I have celebrated so many holidays together, and it still warms my heart when he puts thought into his presents for me.

Most women don’t need expensive jewelry or an eccentric gadget, they just want to know that you’re in love!

So, for this Valentine’s Day, choose a gift that she’ll remember for years to come. We at Ornament Shop create personalized gifts to add names, dates, and special messages that express exactly what you want to say to her.

Here are a few of my favorite kinds of gifts to receive, and I’m sure your significant other will love them as well:

1. Entwined Hearts Ornament

Entwined-Hearts-for-Golden-Anniversary-OW99018As a simple keepsake to remember Valentine’s Day 2017, our Entwined Hearts ornament can be personalized with both of your names on either side, surrounded in gold and roses.

She can keep this pendant on her vanity to view every day, or she can put it someplace safe to remember this day again come Christmas time.

2. Family Ornaments

Family-of-3-and-Dog-OC13009If you’re looking for a gift that you can give from the children too, send her love from the whole family with a personalized family ornament.

We have every variety of any number of children you share together. Some of our ornaments even include pets. When she sees this thoughtful gift on Valentine’s Day, she’ll appreciate knowing the entire family has her in their hearts.

3. Hobby Ornaments

Ballroom-Dancing-Couple-R14015For sweethearts who share passions in life, our ornament selection is perfect to personalize and let her know you’re proud of her achievements.

If there’s a hobby you enjoy together such as dancing, badminton, golf, or skiing, consider celebrating those moments with a keepsake on this special day.


Do these ornaments represent the love you share with your sweetheart? Share in the comments below the type of keepsake that best represents your relationship!

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