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Want To Give The Perfect Wedding Gift? Design A Beautiful Memory Box!

Looking to give a sentimental Wedding Gift that is not on the bride’s registry? Design a beautiful Memory Box that will be remembered long after the thank you notes have been written! “Wedding Season” will be here soon, so create this lasting gift that speaks of true love!

Weddings are a time to cherish and the day itself is such a whirlwind and flurry of activity that the bride and groom have a difficult time remembering all of the little moments of the day. After each wedding gift has been opened and once they have put together their photo album and have their video on DVD, what do they do with all of the other keepsakes and trinkets from their special day that they’d like to preserve? Items such as random photos that guests sent, a wedding favor to save, program, sixpence the bride wore in her shoe, dried flowers, invitation, response cards, or any other wedding mementos have no place without a memory box.

Wedding Gift

Create a unique wedding gift for the bride and groom by designing your very own memory box. It also makes a fabulous Christmas gift for the newlyweds. This memory box is easy to make as a wedding gift and will be a lasting cherished keepsake for the happy couple that can double as a time capsule.

Wedding Gift

A Homemade Memory Box Is A Sentimental Wedding Gift


  • Wood box (can be bought at a craft store)
  • Paint or wood stain
  • Glaze or sealant
  • Wedding ornament ( has over 100 wedding ornaments to choose from!)
  • Glue
  • Paint pen


Step 1: Paint the natural wood box on both the inside and the outside. If you want a natural or vintage look, use a wood stain. Let it dry.

Memory Box

Step 2: Seal the paint with a coat of glaze or wood sealant. We used one that had some iridescent glitter in it. Let it dry completely.

Memory Box

Step 3: Cover the back of the personalized ornament with glue and press it onto the front lid of the memory box. Allow glue to set thoroughly.

memory box

Step 4: Using a paint marker or permanent marker, write your own personal message on the inside lid or print out our poem on cardstock and glue it on the inside top of the memory box.

Memory Box

That’s it! Now you have made a memory box which is a very personal wedding gift for the bride and groom to store their wedding keepsakes in!

Memory Box

Make this wedding gift a time capsule! Fill the memory box with things about their wedding day. For example, put in a daily newspaper to look back on the headlines, top 10 lists such as movies of the year, prices of gas and food staples such as bread and milk, a tabloid magazine, pictures of the bride and groom when they were children, photos from when they met, the menu for their favorite restaurant, an ornament for their 25 anniversary, 50 anniversary or anything else that will be fun to look back on over time. The newlyweds will treasure this very personal wedding gift for years to come, and will add their own keepsakes to finish filling the memory box.

Wedding Gift

Our selection of wedding ornaments is vast!  Hard ornaments with flat backs make the best choices for your memory box, but if you are looking for a personalized wedding gift for the newlyweds to decorate their first home, check out our wedding plate to commemorate their special day!