Buying a wedding gift can be frustrating for those of us who like gift-giving to be personal.  We go to the store where the bride is registered, purchase exactly what’s on the list, and have it gift wrapped at the store so it looks nice when the couple sees it.  The bride and groom will be sure to get what they need for their new home, but what’s to keep your gift from getting lost in a pile of toasters, silverware and white wrapping paper? carries many wedding themed ornaments that are personalized with the names of the happy couple and the date of their wedding.  An ornament offers a special personal touch to a gift that will make it memorable for both you and the newlyweds.  A wedding ornament can be packaged separately as a “bonus” item, or better yet, used as a beautiful decoration as part of the gift wrap (see photo below).  Or, instead of giving traditional favors at their rehearsal dinner or reception, the bride and groom can give a personalized ornament as the favor. Each guest will then remember the special occasion every Christmas as they decorate their own tree.

Receiving a personalized wedding ornament gives the couple a way to remember their big day, and will certainly dress up that blender or bread maker.  Whether the ornament decorates their annual Christmas tree or an office or workspace year ‘round, it will give the bride and groom a special reminder of their commitment (and might even help the groom remember his anniversary date!).

Also available at is a wide selection of anniversary and engagement ornaments.  Engagement ornaments make great favors for an engagement party, or can be used as cute trim for a bridal shower gift.  Anniversary ornaments can be personalized for any year, or purchase a special milestone anniversary ornament.  Start a tradition of ornament giving for your growing family and celebrate each new year together with a special personalized gift!

Tie on an ornament with a bit of satin ribbon

to turn a gift card or money envelope into something special.

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