Home Decorations to Keep Up Through Christmas & All Year

Tired of taking down all the Christmas décor? Use these tips to keep the best ones up all year!

I spend so much time decorating ahead of Christmases that, in the end, I’d rather not take it all down! Holiday decorations make the home feel warm and welcoming, and having to put them away for the year can make everyone a little dreary.

There are some decorations that work perfectly as year-round decorations, too. When you decorate with these ideas, you can adjust them to any holiday that comes around. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, use these ideas today and you’ll be glad you thought ahead!

1. A seasonal cloche.

An ornament of a red cardinal bird made from natural materials. | OrnamentShop.comA cloche display is a mini enclosure with decorations inside. Sometimes there might be candles, plants or desserts being covered, too. Most cloches are made of glass and can be updated seasonally. In the past, we’ve made our own DIY Cloche Spring Ornament with instructions so you can make your own mini one for hanging.

The idea is to create a cloche decoration with a few basic pieces, then each season you can add new pieces and take away old pieces. For example, a cloche with a plant inside could have an ornament added to the plant and fake snow to the bottom to represent winter and Christmas. In the spring, you could take away the ornament and snow to replace it with a tiny bird and other wild life to represent the new season. Be as creative as you like with each season, and everyone who visits your home will look forward to seeing your display change.

2. A door wreath.

An ornament of a window or door with a green wreath made out of buttons in the center and two faces personalized underneath. | OrnamentShop.comWreaths are typically put up around Christmas time, but this same decoration can be used in the summer time, too.

For your wreath to apply to all seasons, start with a very basic style. The best year-round wreaths are made of grape vine because they have a rustic look and tend to fit in with all seasons. With each new season, add natural and decorative accents to your wreath such as flowers, acorns, bells, and bows. You could weave yarn into the wreath to add more color, or you could add string lights that run on a battery. You could also incorporate a chalk board sign into the wreath so that you can change the message on display for each holiday. This is perfect for keeping your front door a similar style year-round while updating it for any festivities.

 3. A year-round holiday tree.

For those who love Christmas so much they wish it would go on all year, this is the ultimate decoration for you! Instead of taking down the faux tree, leave it up and add decorations for each upcoming holiday. A mini tree also works well for keeping up all year if you don’t want to dedicate the space to a full-sized Christmas tree.

Following Christmas and the New Year, there are so many fun holidays that have their own unique symbols, so why not An ornament of a Christmas tree with 10 faces that can have names personalized on them. | OrnamentShop.comcombine those celebrations with Christmas? For the upcoming Mardi Gras holiday, decorate with paper music notes, beads and masquerade masks. Then for Valentines Day, decorate your tree with red paper hearts and Christmas ornaments that represent anniversaries. For Easter, bring out your most religious ornaments with angels and stars, then place an Easter basket under the tree. Continue with each holiday being as creative as you like, or you could choose to just update the tree seasonally.

How do you update your home decorations with each season? Share with us in the comments below!

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