Christmas Present Alternatives for Men Over 50

Christmas Present Alternatives for Men Over 50

Older guys (let’s say 50 and up) tend to be dived into two categories: those who could care less about stuff and those who buy what they want for themselves whenever they want to.

That makes buying Christmas presents for older guys difficult to say the least. So, let’s see if we can come up with some suggestions that might interest either category.

Something that gets, or keeps, them active will keep them around longer says any cardiologist you care to ask. How about a new bike? There are a lot of choices that range from a pretty generic version at a Big Box to an ultra-lightweight professional model at a specialized bike store. If he already has one – and uses it – how about a strobe-light that he can wear on his arm to get the attention of motorists? A helmet is a must-have even for recreational bike-riding older guys. And, if you can find one, a tall orange or red flag that attaches to the frame at the rear is another safety device.

How about a gym membership? New clothes to wear at the gym?

One of the new digital pedometers is good if all he wants to do – or is willing to do – is walk. He only has to do is put it in his pocket or on his belt and it does all of the math and stride calculations that used to be such a pain with older models.

If this older guy in your life is an unabashed couch potato, how about one of the e-book readers to make it easier to turn off the tube. There’s a much broader variety than the original Kindle and with a much broader price range as well. Some, such as the Nook, have models that provide full color reproduction – a boon for reading magazines and graphic novels.

You can spend a little or a lot for a Christmas present for that 50-plus guy – it just requires thinking creatively. Go on, you can do it. Really.

Written by Dianne Weller

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