Make A Snowflake Christmas Ornament From Pop Tops

Make a Snowflake Christmas ornament From Pop Tops


here are times when you need to feed your inner Martha Stewart or Katie Brown and make a Christmas ornament of your own. Perhaps you want to share an ornament-making experience with a child – or children. Here is one possibility that requires little or no artistic expertise and pretty much can be made with stuff that’s either lying around the house – tucked away in a box on a closet shelf marked "Crafts" perhaps – or else easily obtainable without breaking into junior’s piggy bank for supplies.


This requires about a dozen soda can pull-tabs. You can use more or fewer, it’s up to you but 12 is usually about right.

Arrange them so that the pull-rings are in the center and the metal tab-ish parts are arrayed in a circle, creating a circular-fan-shaped snowflake.

Use a glue gun or rubber cement or some other form of adhesive that will stick the things together (not, obviously, regular Elmer’s or a glue stick).

Let the snowflake dry overnight.

Attach some sort of temporary hanger so that you can hang your snowflake in a safe place and spray paint it. You can use white or silver or get a little edgier with whatever color of spray paint you have left over from another project. You can sprinkle glitter or glass beads on the wet paint if you want to have it reflect the lights on your tree.

When everything is nice and dry attach a ribbon or yarn hanger and show off your handiwork.

That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Written by Dianne Weller

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