Ornament Uses

Creative Ways to Decorate with Ornaments All Year Round


Many of our customers write to me explaining how they use ornaments other than for hanging on the Christmas tree. Based on this feedback, we thought we could help you visualize ways to use our personalized ornaments to make a unique and memorable gift, not just at the holidays. If you have a special way that you have used an ornament, write to me at Dianne@OrnamentShop.com and let me know all about your creative method. Make your next gift one that will never be forgotten!

Gift Tags
A personalized ornament with TO and FROM information make the perfect gift tag to a present. If you do not want to interfere with the name on the front, simply put the FROM information on the back of the ornament. Then, the receiver can hang it on the tree, with a yearly reminder of your thoughtful gift. A customer attached an ornament to the top of the gift for each of her 12 grandchildren!

Package Toppers
For non-Christmas gifts, use the ornaments as package toppers (similar to a large bow), symbolizing the occasion for which it is being given.The bright pastel colors for a new baby really lend themselves to a beautiful package.Our customers have used ornaments as package toppers for new babies, weddings, graduations, and religious events.

Envelope Wrappers
Ornaments make the perfect complement to a monetary gift.Tie a ribbon around an envelope and hang an ornament from it.One of our customers did these for Christmas cards that were being handed out at an office party. Another customer did this for a wedding.

Room Decorations
Children love to decorate their own rooms and make the space their own. Most of our kid ornaments would be the perfect complement to any style, especially our numerous princess ornaments for girls. One of our customers told us how much she really enjoyed hanging a baby ornament in the nursery, because her son loves to look at it.

Special Occasion Gifts
The ornaments make a good gift for both big and small occasions, creating a memory that will last forever. One of our customers personalized a ballet ornament for her granddaughter’s first recital, and attached it to a bouquet of flowers.

Showers and Weddings
Over the years we have had a number of our customers use the ornaments for favors for baby showers, bridal showers and weddings. A couple announced to family and friends that they were going to have a baby, by giving ornaments to their mothers on Mother’s Day.

Corporate Gifts
Looking for the perfect gift of appreciation for your employees? Our birthstone ornaments have been used for corporate gifts, some with individual names and some with the company name. Other “themed” ornaments make a statement that reflects your company’s primary work, such as our backhoe that we did for a construction company. Whatever your needs, we work with you personally, to come up with the perfect holiday gift. See our Custom Orders section for more information.

Sports Teams
Most high schools have sports banquets at the end of the season to pass out letters to the varsity players and honor the MVPs. Ornaments make a wonderful gift that everyone on the team can have. Some of the styles we carry come in different colors, so you can show your school spirit. Don’t forget one for the outstanding coach as well! A customer did just this and got rave reviews for her unique choice of gift.

Themed Birthday Parties
Children often have themed birthday parties, and ornaments make great goodie bag gifts (parents will be grateful for the lack of candy!). A customer purchased our singer with microphone for a Hannah Montana party, personalizing one for each partygoer. We have a wide assortment of characters for boys and girls, such as Superman. See our Kids Characters section for more ideas.