Santa Ornaments

From appearances in classic holiday stories like "'Twas The Night Before Christmas" to movies and Coca-Cola commercials, one might say that Santa is among Christmas's most significant icons. It's only fitting that you have a personalized Santa ornament featured on your Christmas tree. See the many Santas in our online collection, all awaiting a good home.

Find the perfect Santa Claus to represent your home for the holidays.

Our diverse selection of Santa decorations range from figurines to fine silk art ornaments and Santa-themed snow globes. Choose among ornaments that are fun for the whole family or pick the perfect Santa collectible. We have Santas from all corners of the globe, including Irish, American, Mexican, Italian, Polish, Scottish, German, and English Santas.

You can find St. Nicholas ornaments where he rides trains, rocket ships, propeller planes, air balloons, space ships, sports cars, unicycles, helicopters, and his classic sleigh. For many families, Santa is an important symbol and a key Christmas tradition. Plus, what's not to love about a jolly man who brings presents to kids around the world?

Once you find your favorite Santa ornament, you can have it hand-personalized however you like. Our ornaments can be customized with names, dates, and brief messages. If you’d like to start a Kris Kringle collection, personalize each one with the year you purchased it. If you have a family member that loves Santa, an ornament is a great gift.

A personalized gift can mean all of the difference to many of us. One day, your Santa ornament could turn into a family heirloom, passed down for generations. Personalized ornaments are the perfect gift for when your children move on and start their own decorating traditions. With our Santa ornaments, you're keeping the spirit of Christmas alive and well.

Everything that we have ever purchased from your company has always brought the recipients joy. The newly engaged couple love their ornament as well. We will be buying our yearly ornaments again this year, we usually get somewhere around 16 and have bought them for wedding presents to send along with a cash gift as well. They make everyone's happy day more memorable. Mary Ann K.
I am committed to delivering our customers the greatest selection of unique, personalized Christmas ornaments and gifts on the internet! We have over 5000 Christmas ornaments to choose from, each personalized with a name or special greeting from you!
Sincerely, Dianne Weller — Owner,
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