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Holiday Games for Family and Guests

1 What South Pacific country features the Christmas bell and the Christmas bush?
2 What exotic hothouse flower is the popular flower during Christmas in Costa Rica?
3 What magical, stubborn animal brings gifts to Lebanese children?
4 What German tradition has never gained mass acceptance by the French?
5 Who is the gift bringer in Poland?
6 Where do Panamanian children send their Christmas letters?
7 Typically, a winner of what Swedish prize is the presenter of the crowning of Lucia in Sweden?
8 In Holland, during Christmas whose headquarters are at a major hotel?
9 What does Julesvann bring in Norway: good luck or gifts?
10 What country at one time banned Christmas?
11 What mode of transportation do young people in Caracas use on their way to midnight mass?
12 In Denmark, a bowlful of what must be left for the elf Julnisse?
13 What country’s Christmas celebration features the Feast of the Lanterns and the Festival of the Dragons?
14 On Christmas Day in Bulgaria, what is placed in a stocking before breakfast?
15 Who serves breakfast on Christmas Day in Brazil?
16 In what country do young men form long lines in the mountains and fire pistols in honor of Christmas?
17 Warring tribes at one time decorated trees with the what of their enemies?
18 What saint brought Christmas to Ireland in the fifth century?
19 What alcoholic beverage is used in the English Christmas game called “Snapdragon”?
20 What country sets the Christmas Eve table with an odd number of dishes but has an even number of diners?
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