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Holiday Games for Family and Guests

1 What pale yellow drink is plentiful in the dairy section at Christmas?
2 In “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas” name two of the three colors Nellie is fond of?
3 Name the three gifts that the Magi or Wisemen brought?
4 According to Clement C. Moore, who did St. Nicholas shout and call by name?
5 In the movie The Santa Clause, what kept reappearing on Tim Allen’s face even after he removed it?
6 What wintery-named poet wrote a poem called “Christmas Trees”?
7 What carol contains the line “Love and joy come to you”?
8 In A Charlie Brown Christmas, who explains the meaning of Christmas?
9 In the move The Santa Clause, what kind of milk did Santa Claus drink and did not like: soy milk or goat milk?
10 What did the Grinch use as a substitute for reindeer?
11 In the movie It’s A Wonderful Life, what does it mean when you hear bells ring?
12 What two department stores are featured in Miracle on 34th Street?
13 In “The Night Before Christmas” what settled for a long winter’s nap?
14 Who gives the gifts in the “Twelve Days of Christmas”?
15 What does Marley drag up the stairs of Scrooge’s home?
16 In It’s A Wonderful Life, what did George dream of becoming?
17 What does Herbie want to be in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?
18 In How the Grinch Stole Christmas, what biological shortcoming made the Grinch so mean?
19 What does Johnny want from Jolly Old Saint Nicholas?
20 What Disney cartoon character portrayed the Ghost of Christmas Past in Mickey’s Christmas Carol?
21 Did Scrooge have a brother or a sister?
22 Who comes dressed in a snow white gown?
23 More than 30 million of these are sold in the USA during the holiday season: toy trains or trees?
24 What color was the bunny suit in A Christmas Story: red or pink?
25 Who said “God Bless Us, Every One!”?
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