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Holiday Games for Family and Guests

1 What takes the place of the Christmas tree in Italy, mistletoe or a yule log?
2 What must Chilean children be doing when Old Man Christmas arrives: praying or sleeping?
3 How do you say “Merry Christmas” in Italy?
4 In Valais, Switzerland, what baked goods with holes are served at the Christmas supper?
5 On Christmas Day what is built in the center of the Syrian Church: a bonfire or a manger scene?
6 In Equador, what do ranch owners toss to their employees on Christmas Day: hams or coins?
7 How many different kinds of cookies must Norwegian women bake for Christmas: five or fourteen?
8 What fabric was used to make cheap ornaments in the Victorian era, cotton or wool?
9 Is the Church of the Nativity located in Nazareth or Bethlehem?
10 What English Queen helped popularize the Christmas tree: Elizabeth or Victoria?
11 Like Marley, what does Czech folk character Cert carry on Christmas?
12 On what December date are gifts exchanged in Holland: 5th or 8th?
13 In Holland, does Santa use a sleigh or a steamer for transportation?
14 Through what opening in a house does Old Man Christmas enter a home in Chile: chimney or window?
15 True or False: At one time Christmas was celebrated on August 5?
16 In Sweden, what Christmas animal is Julbrock: a goat or pig?
17 What Sicilian Christmas sweet treat is called torrone: taffy or nougat?
18 Traditionally, what is the average number of ornaments on a Christmas tree: 75 or 105?
19 What kind of tree do Yugoslavians burn as their yule log: oak or maple?
20 Did the poinsettia originally come from Mexico or Italy?
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