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Holiday Games for Family and Guests

1 Traditionally, what song will you hear most often at Christmas?
2 What long-necked bird was a popular Christmas dish in Renaissance England?
3 What peace symbol do Armenians decorate in place of a Christmas tree?
4 What happens to an English child’s gift list if tossed in a fireplace and carried up the chimney by a draft?
5 In 1898 Canada issued the first of these on Christmas Day?
6 It would not be Christmas in Wales without what sweet: taffy-pull or taffy apple?
7 In what country does the gift bringer Hoteiosho bring gifts, India or Japan?
8 In what country does Kallikantzaroi emerge from the earth between the days of Christmas and Epiphany: Greece or Spain?
9 What favorite Christmas seafood dish served on a shell in Paris?
10 In what country is official policy trying to replace Father Christmas with Grandfather Frost: UK or USSR?
11 Who is the gift bringer in Belgium?
12 What German family member normally trims the tree?
13 What country features the “smoke blessing” at Christmas: Finland or Austria?
14 What European country originated the Christmas card?
15 What country started the tradition of exchanging gifts?
16 On what day do French parents exchange presents?
17 What musical aspect of Christmas did Victorians save from obscurity?
18 What country produces clay figures known as santons each Christmas: Italy or France?
19 In Labrador, children carry lighted candles in what vegetable: turnip or tomato?
20 What do Dutch children have filled with candy and toys?
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