Christmas Games

Getting the family together for the holidays is not just about food, drinks and music anymore. People want to be entertained at a party. We have pulled together some FREE CHRISTMAS GAMES for you and your family to enjoy as you knock back the eggnog! CHRISTMAS PARTY GAMES are good for smaller groups as well as larger ones, and will add to the joy and fun of getting together, making your gathering memorable this holiday season. Some of these games are good for gift or ornament exchanges.


Christmas holiday bingo with a personalized heart ornament


An easy game for all ages to play, and most everyone knows the rules so there isn’t a lot of necessary explanation required.
Print the BINGO CARD onto paper.
Either write in Christmas words or have guests fill in their own. Click on BINGO WORDS for some grouped ideas to get you started.
Cut small strips of paper and write individual words on each strip.
Fold the strips and toss them in a Santa hat.
One person is the caller and randomly pulls strips out of the hat.
Each player marks the words called and the first to announce a bingo is the winner!
Have guests mark “called” squares with holiday candies such as red and green M&Ms.
Give out small prizes for winners.
Change it up and don’t just do straight lines for bingos. Have people use an H shape, L, picture frame, whole card, etc. as a way to keep the interest of your guests.
Written by Dianne Weller
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