Christmas Games

Getting the family together for the holidays is not just about food, drinks and music anymore. People want to be entertained at a party. We have pulled together some FREE CHRISTMAS GAMES for you and your family to enjoy as you knock back the eggnog! CHRISTMAS PARTY GAMES are good for smaller groups as well as larger ones, and will add to the joy and fun of getting together, making your gathering memorable this holiday season. Some of these games are good for gift or ornament exchanges.


Born for drama Christmas ornament |


Our FREE CHRISTMAS PARTY GAMES FOR GROUPS includes this FREE CHRISTMAS PAPER GAME that is a match up of famous Christmas movies and their brief synopsis. Can you get all 26 correct?
Print a copy for our Match the Christmas Movie to the Description game for each of your guests.
Print one copy of the Match the Christmas Movie to the Description Answers to have handy.
You can play this in teams or individually.
If you are doing this individually, make sure you have plenty of pens or pencils handy so people can mark their sheets.
If you are playing in teams, you can simply have the entire team fill out the quiz together and whichever team has the most correct answers wins.
This will work for any amount of teams. Just divide teams evenly with a mixed group of age levels on each team or mix the entire family up.
Written by Dianne Weller
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