Here are a few tips to help your favorite student, or students, continue to put forth their strongest effort during the second half of the school year!

With the second semester of college in full swing, many students and families start to think about ways to finish out the year on a strong note heading into summer break.  It’s not only high school seniors who sometimes experience the dreaded “senioritis” or “end-of-the-year-blues,” but also second semester college students can begin to dial back their efforts knowing this is their last semester before the anticipated summer break. However, with a great attitude and a little bit of determination any student can finish the second half of the year headed in the right direction.

To me, helping your children finish the school year out strong is one of the most important parts of being a parent. One of my biggest goals in life was to raise responsible learners who never gave up and were able to work through distractions. Although this might be tough to master for some, it’s not impossible. That’s why I put together this list of tips to help your favorite student give their best effort all the way through to the final bell.

1.)  Lead By Your Example

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Children and young adults learn by example, and are very quick to adopt attitudes and work ethics from those they look up to. Being a parent, if your child hears you talking about summer vacations and planning trips once the school year is over, they are likely to slip into that mindset.

Try to avoid talking about vacations, summer break, speaking negatively about school and homework in front of your child. It will be much harder for your student to put forth his or her best effort if they are thinking about vacations rather than on homework.

2.)  Have A Routine & Stick To It

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Being able to stick to a strict routine is the best way to get your student ready for the second half of the school year.

It’s important that your child gets the proper amount of sleep at night to ensure his mind and body are properly rested for the day ahead. Have your child stick to a routine that includes a regular bedtime and planning time throughout the day to read and do school work. With a plan in place it makes accomplishing tasks more efficient.

3.)  Create Attainable Goals

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Having goals is a great way to keep students motivated and on course throughout the school year. Help your child create a few goals that they can accomplish at the end of the year. Of course, these goals should all be attainable, but also challenging. Be sure to work with your child to help make sure he reaches his end goals.

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