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March 29, 2018
Ornaments of stadium chairs from all the best MLB teams in baseball. |

Celebrate Opening Day 2018 with MLB Baseball Ornaments & Flash Giveaway!

Shop today and get a FREE baseball ornament to celebrate Opening Day 2018! It’s not every day we get to celebrate the first day of baseball season. That’s why we’re giving away FREE baseball ornaments when you SHOP TODAY while supplies last! Flash Giveaway – FREE Baseball Ornaments As you get ready to watch America’s […]

January 24, 2018
Two snowmen ornaments side by side to represent how to build Frosty the Snowman or the classic carrot-nosed snowman. |

How to Build a Snowman: Materials & Steps

Are you building the legendary Frosty the Snowman, or a classic carrot-nosed snowman? Whenever it snows, I think of all the fun times I’ve had building snowmen with my family. It’s always a lovely winter staple to have a snowman waving from the yard! Some families like to be spontaneous when they build their snowmen, […]

November 28, 2017
Advent Ornaments Feature

Countdown To Christmas With Clever DIY Advent Ornaments

Do you like to do a Countdown To Christmas with your family?  Then these Advent Ornaments are a great activity that you can do with your children while decorating at the same time!  Instead of indulging in a chocolate a day advent calendar, these advent ornaments can be used year after year and give you […]

November 17, 2017

Easy Christmas Crafts For Kids: DIY Christmas Tree Ornament!

Are you looking for Christmas Crafts For Kids that are easy to make, will allow your children the ability to express their creativity and have a little bit of fun?  Then we have a DIY Christmas Tree Ornament project for you that doesn’t cost a lot to make and uses common supplies that children love. […]

September 15, 2017
Five of the top seven foods in America, represented with ornaments. |

The 7 Best American Dishes: Can You Guess Them?

We love celebrating our favorite food! Can you guess the top 7 in America? When we think about American food, we often jump to fast food, but that’s not entirely true! American cuisine is so much more than chains and has a fascinating history. There’s something very special about enjoying a meal together, not matter […]

August 24, 2017
A sorority poses for a picture together. |

Sorority & Fraternity Gifts for New Members of Greek Life

Whether you’re a Big or a Little, these gifts will perfectly represent the bond you share with brothers and sisters of Greek life! I’ve always been curious about fraternities and sororities because I know they’ve changed quite a bit with the times. These clubs are still alive and well though, thanks to all the alumni […]

August 21, 2017
These two kids are ready for going back to school! |

Give Kids a Little Extra Back to School Attention: 4 Fun Surprises

Use these ideas to plan a nice surprise for your child if they’re nervous for going back to school! The thought of going back to school might excite your kids because there’s so much to look forward to! They get to see all the friends they’ve missed over the summer, after all. But on the other […]

August 8, 2017
Baby's first Christmas ornaments to celebrate babies born following the Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series victory |

The 2017 Chicago Cubs Baby Boom: Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments

Baseball fans in Chicago are overjoyed once again – this time with a baby boom! To think, just over nine months ago we won the World Series! I was so amazed when this happened – and so proud to live in Chicago. Apparently, many of my fellow Chicagoans felt the same way, enough to celebrate […]

July 28, 2017
Three ornaments with a family of campers, a packed car heading to the beach and a ski lodge resort. |

Summer “Staycation” Ideas to Feel Like You’ve Traveled

Paradise is a state of mind, so use these ideas to liven up a day trip! Every once in a while, I find a new word to add to my vocabulary. Apparently, a “staycation” is a vacation where you stay put instead of traveling out of your way! From what I can remember, we’ve always […]

June 27, 2017
A collection of beach ornaments including a packed car, a beach ball, a pair of crabs and a family of 5 |

How to Plan a Memorable Beach Trip: Before, During & After

Use these tips for before, during, and after your beach trip to make lasting memories with your kids! When the kids were very young, Russ and I would sometimes worry they wouldn’t remember our family vacations. We tried to prepare our trips to be as much fun as possible, but we were always uncertain if […]

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