5 Fun Spring Activities for the Whole Family

When your family has cabin fever, try these five fun outdoor activities. They’re easy and can last the whole day!

Every year when the flowers start to bloom and the birds migrate home, I realize how cooped up we’ve been all winter long. The springtime stirs such a lively feeling that brings everyone outside like magic!

For families that feel the same way I do, I’ve thought of some of my favorite spring activities that everyone can enjoy.

1. Go hikingA pair of hiking boots, map and compass hang as an ornament | OrnamentShop.com

Tell the kids to put on their sneakers and bring a pair of binoculars. Taking walks together is refreshing and can last as long as the sun is out.

It’s also so much fun spotting wildlife and keeping track of everything you see along the trails. Nature is so peaceful and reminds us that we’re all on this Earth together.

2. Start a garden

Plant seeds together and teach the kids how to take care of their plants. It’s also a good idea to start with a plant that has already sprouted so that the kids can feel attached to their new friend. Gardens can be started outside if there’s an open area in the yard, or even indoors on a windowsill.

3. Play a game outdoors

A soccer ball ornament with a tiny pair of kleats and a gold star personalized with a child's name | OrnamentShop.comThere are many games that are easy to set up and can be played in no time. Some of our favorite outside games include tag, duck-duck-goose, and hide and seek, none of which require any extra equipment to enjoy.

Other times we’ve played horseshoe, t-ball, cornhole, frisbee, and soccer, which do require some planning before going outside.

4. Take a day trip

Head out for a road trip to visit somewhere you’ve never taken the family. Museums, theme parks, and arcades are great destinations for trips that last the whole day. There might even be an event happening in your community, such as a farmer’s market, so you won’t have to drive far at all to experience something new.

5. Pack a picnicA picnic basket ornament holds wine, grapes, cheese and watermelon | OrnamentShop.com

If your family wants to get outside but there’s either not enough time to go on a long trip or it’s too hot to spend much time outside, pack a lunch and find a nice area to sit in the shade. Breathing the fresh air and sitting together is always fun when you can relax in a cool spot and look up at the clouds. A deck of cards or story time can help the time go by enjoyably.

What does your family do together when everyone wants to get out of the house? Tell us in the comments below.

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