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As we edge ever closer to the end of summer, it’s time to prepare our children for the new school year. These back-to-school tips for parents will help you cover all of your bases, this way you can be confident your kids are ready to go when the next semester starts.

Lunch box? Check. Backpack? Check. School clothes? Check.

When it came to getting the kids ready to go back-to-school, I was always prepared. From shopping for school supplies to picking out new back-to-school clothes, getting my kids ready for school was always my #1 priority.

While it’s tempting to think that the summer months leave you with plenty of time to prepare for the new school year, many parents are caught off-guard when the summer passes by the blink of an eye. New parents quickly learn that the fall season has its own way of sneaking up on you as their kids make their way through each grade.

Although my kids are grown and no longer need my help picking out new school clothes and supplies, I know there are other parents out there who can benefit from my personal experience. These back-to-school tips for parents will help ensure your children start out the new school year with their best foot forward.

Clothes Shopping: Deciding What To Keep, Buy, And TossBorn To Shop Christmas Ornament |

Before I would take my kids out shopping for new back-to-school clothes, I would always take inventory of what they had. From there, I would decide which clothes to keep and which clothes they didn’t need due to wear and tear or because they outgrew them. This gave me a clear idea of what I needed to buy.

Of course, with my kids needing new clothes, it usually meant they outgrew their old ones. When it came to their outgrown clothing, I would make it a point to donate them to Goodwill or another charitable organization, this way someone else could enjoy them.

Establishing A Proper Sleep ScheduleAlarm Clock Christmas Ornament |

Proper sleep is something that every student needs in order to perform their best at school. However, switching from a summer sleep schedule to a school schedule can be difficult. That’s why it’s best to establish regular bedtimes before the start of school.

I would always establish my kid’s bedtimes and wake-up times two weeks in advance of the new school year. I made sure to set their alarm clocks at night to help get them up in the morning. By the time school started up again, my kids were on the right sleep schedule and it was one less thing to worry about.

Shopping For School Supplies: Make A ChecklistBackpack Christmas Ornament |

One of the most essential items on any back to school list is school supplies. I always said, by giving your kids the right tools, it will help them feel more confident and prepared for the upcoming school year.

Back when my kids were in school, I would always receive a school supply checklist with the essential needs for the class. Once we received this list from the school, I would schedule a day on the weekend to go school supply shopping with my children. I would always allow my kids to pick out their favorite notebooks, or a cool backpack they had their eye on. As simple as this might sound, it helped to make back-to-school a lot more fun for my kids!

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