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Countdown To Christmas With Clever DIY Advent Ornaments

Advent Ornaments Feature

Do you like to do a Countdown To Christmas with your family?  Then these Advent Ornaments are a great activity that you can do with your children while decorating at the same time!  Instead of indulging in a chocolate a day advent calendar, these advent ornaments can be used year after year and give you freedom to be creative.

Use these countdown to Christmas advent ornaments to decorate a mini tree that you can find at the craft store.  All 24 ornaments should fill it up well, but you can add other ornaments, streamers, garland or other decorations as filler if necessary.

A Christmas Tree with Advent ornaments that count down until Christmas with unique Christmas-themed objects inside each one. |

Creativity Make Advent Ornaments That Countdown To Christmas

Our advent ornaments are made with clear glass ball ornaments that countdown to Christmas with all of the memories you or your children have of the holiday season.  All they need are numbers and you decide what you would like to fill them with.  Great activity for the whole family, and let individuals decide how to fill their advent ornament days.  A wonderful opportunity to gather everyone together and use your creativity!

Supplies For Advent Ornaments:

  • 24 Clear glass ball ornaments
  • Miniature Christmas tree
  • Holiday themed embellishments, stickers, miniatures, etc.
  • Curling ribbon
  • Artificial craft snow
  • Numbered stickers
  • Ribbon for hanging

Advent Ornaments Supplies including glass balls, mini Christmas trees, artificial snow, numbered stickers and ribbon. |

Step 1: Using numbered stickers from 1 to 24 (we used holiday ones, alternating between stars and trees), number the outside of the glass balls.  Now you are ready to countdown to Christmas!

Step 1 is to number the outside of the glass balls with stickers. |

Step 2:  Carefully remove the ornament caps on your advent ornaments and fill them with embellishments, stickers, miniatures, ribbon, anything that reminds you and your family of the holidays.

Note: Make sure when you purchase these items that you find ones that are flexible or fit through the hole of the clear glass ball ornament.  Also, avoid items that are heavy because the objects will move around and can break the glass if banging around inside.

Step 2 is to remove the caps to the ornaments and add small objects inside, such as tinsel, candies, or miniatures. |

List Of Contents of Advent Ornaments

1 – Candy Canes

2 – Pine Branch and Berries

3 – Presents

4 – Jingle Bells

5 – Snowballs

6 – Christmas Lights

7 – Candy

8 – Red and Green Pom Poms

9 – Curling Ribbon

10 – Wreaths

11 – Reindeer

12 – Snowman with Snowflakes

13 – Gold Stars

14 – Red and Green Striped Straws

15 – Knitting Yarn

16 –Santa Confetti

17 –Tree with Christmas Lights

18 – Holiday Cookie Cutters and Holiday Shapes Confetti

19 – Poinsettia

20 – Gingerbread

21 – Pine Cones with Snow

22 – Christmas Bows

23 – Snow

24 – Santa Hats

Countdown To Christmas 1-6

Countdown To Christmas 7-12

Countdown To Christmas 13-18

Countdown To Christmas 19-24

Step 3: Once your ornament is filled, replace the ornament cap and tie a ribbon to the top.

Step 3 is to tied ribbon to the top of each ornament. |

That’s it!  Once you have all 24 advent ornaments completed, start hanging them on the tree starting on December 1 as you countdown to Christmas the days leading up to Christmas Eve.  It’s fun to make each one unique, themed and colorful for a beautiful holiday home decoration.

Advent Ornaments with fun unique objects in each one to count down until Christmas. |

If you are looking for advent calendars or advent boxes to give little gifts each day as you countdown to Christmas, check out our advent calendars for decorations to enhance your home.

A collection of Advent decorations including ornaments, calendars, and table decorations. |