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How to Celebrate Christmas with Pets

Celebrate Christmas with pets with personalized ornaments this year. |

My favorite part of the holidays is spending it with my family.

A personalized turtle ornament is the perfect Christmas gift for a child who has a new pet. | OrnamentShopNot only does this mean all of the people in my life, but also my beloved pets and animals. Our homes are so essential to celebrating holidays and this means all of our loved ones should be included.

Celebrating Christmas with pets can be tricky. You can’t always include your pets in every aspect of the holidays. There are some important moments they shouldn’t miss, like enjoying their own gift, and there are certain aspects you can’t overlook, like decorating the Christmas tree safely.

Gifts for Pets

First of all, all pets deserve treats around the holidays. While everyone else enjoys Christmas dinner, toss your furry, scaled or feathered friend their favorite snack.

When it comes to gifts that will last, personalized ornaments for pets are great for celebrating Christmas with pets. Find the perfect ornament to represent your little family member, then have names, dates or brief messages added by hand to cherish the memory of your Christmas celebration together.

While your pet enjoys snacking for now, you’ll enjoy looking back on the wonderful memory as a family for years to come.

How can I protect my Christmas tree from pets?

A personalized dog ornament is the perfect Christmas gift for a child who has a new pet. | OrnamentShopWhen it comes to celebrating Christmas with pets, the Christmas tree is often a concern. After decorating your annual Christmas tree with tinsel, glass ornaments and lights, it’s important to take steps to protect your tree before your furry friends gain interest.

The tree can easily be knocked down by a roughhousing dog or the shiny ornaments taken off by curios cats. Celebrating Christmas with pets means keeping your festive decorations intact!

1. Choose a pet-friendly location.

Place your tree somewhere your cat can’t climb or your dog won’t be inclined to jump on. Sometimes this means moving it to a corner away from windows and bookshelves.

2. Place your ornaments carefully and wait to fully decorate.

When you first get your Christmas tree, let your pets get acclimated. They’ll lose some of their curiosity before you add all of your shiny accents. Once you start adding to your tree, keep your breakable ornaments up high towards the top just in case.

3. Use baby gates and aluminum foil

A personalized cat ornament is the perfect Christmas gift for a child who has a new pet. | OrnamentShop

Baby gates are the best go-to strategy for keeping dogs away from your tree. If you’re looking for a solution that’s not as restrictive from around your tree, try a tree skirt made of aluminum foil. Your pets won’t like walking around the tree and should steer clear.

4. Use citrus and bitter scents to repel.

Dogs and cats tend to not like citrus and bitter scents, so mask the base of your tree to help repel them from playing around it.

Are Christmas trees poisonous to dogs and cats?

Christmas trees are not poisonous to dogs and cats. However, pine needs can get in your pets eyes if they play too close to the tree. The tree sap can also upset your dog or cat’s stomach.

One poisonous Christmas plant you might not know about is mistletoe. This plant is often hung above doorways.

How do you celebrate Christmas with your pets? Tell us in the comments below!