Baseball fans in Chicago are overjoyed once again – this time with a baby boom!

To think, just over nine months ago we won the World Series! I was so amazed when this happened – and so proud to live in Chicago.

Apparently, many of my fellow Chicagoans felt the same way, enough to celebrate with such a wonderful life event as having a baby. That’s why hospitals around Chicago are finding there’s a baby boom dating back to when our very own Cubs won last November!

After 108 years, Chicago experienced such a wave of joy that we’ve created a whole new generation of baseball fans. I find it so adorable to think of all the happy baseball couples with their bundles of joy that I want to talk about my top choices for their baby’s first Christmas ornaments – and parents can purchase these right here at home in Chicago!

1. World Series Babies

For some couples, I bet they put two-and-two together right away to attribute their baby to the Cubs winning, and nothing short of the Cubs insignia will do for their baby! We can personalize this Cubs ornament with the baby’s name and date of birth so that the child will grow up knowing they were born a true Cubs fan.

A 2016 World Series Cubs Champions glass ball ornament for personalizing your baby's name for the Chicago Cubs 2017 baby boom |

2. Bear Cub Babies

If mom and dad don’t want to be so dedicated to the Cubs theme, we also have a special baby boy “cub” ornament as the perfect compromise. This way, the family will remember what inspired junior’s introduction to the world and the ornament will naturally fit on the family’s Christmas tree.

A blue baby's first Christmas ornament with a bear cub and a baseball bat and glove to celebrate the Chicago Cubs 2017 baby boom following their 2016 victory. |

3. Baseball Babies

We have so many baseball themed ornaments, and all of them can be personalized! The happy couple might prefer to browse around and find the perfect baseball symbol for their boy or girl. I think our ceramic ball ornaments are so cute and simple, and will be an item for the child to recognize every year. Just maybe they’ll grow up to play baseball or softball, too!

A ceramic baseball ornament to personalize with your baby's name in memory of the 2017 Chicago baby boom, following the 2016 World Series victory |

In the end, maybe these baby boom parents would prefer to depart from the baseball theme and would prefer to look at our whole selection of baby’s first Christmas ornaments. I think I would be over the moon if I had a child to celebrate this moment in history, but even as a Chicago-based ornament shop we have ornaments for everyone!

Is there a life event that you are so excited to memorialize with a Christmas ornament? Tell us in the comments below!


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