It seems you can buy Decorative Letters everywhere to personalize your home these days.  These Initial Ornaments are so versatile that they can go anywhere in your home and are not just for decorating your Christmas tree.

Below, you can follow our step-by-step instructions to create your own initial ornaments.  We show you how to use decorative letters to make holiday decorations, but the same concept can be used to decorate the walls of your home in your palette of colors.  This craft is great for kids who can get creative to make initial ornaments to hang in their room!

Completed Initial Ornament hanging on a tree. |

How To Make Decorative Letters Initial Ornaments

You can purchase decorative letters at any craft store to make these initial ornaments.  The decorative letters come in many different styles, shapes, fonts and sizes.  Choose the look that best fits your decorating style or look.


  • Wood letter
  • Ribbon
  • Green felt
  • Red beads
  • Miniature glass ball ornament
  • Red glitter
  • White glitter
  • Green glitter
  • Glitter glue
  • Tacky glue
  • Scissors

Initial Ornaments Supplies wood letter, felt, glitter, glue, ribbon. |

Initial Ornaments Decorative Letters Steps 1 – 5

Step 1: Coat the front of the initial ornaments with glitter glue.  Shake the white glitter to cover the surface and then let it dry.

Initial Ornaments Step 1: Paint initial and coat in glitter. |

Step 2: After the surface is dry in step one, using the tacky glue, make polka dots and shake the red glitter over the dots of glue.  Shake or tap off any excess glitter.

Initial Ornaments Step 2 add glitter and colored polka dots. |

Step 3: While the glue is drying, cut 3 holly leaves from the green felt.  They don’t need to be uniform.

Initial Ornaments Step 3 cut felt holly leaves. |

Step 4: Using the tacky glue, draw a thin stripe down the middle of each leaf and shake green glitter over the stripe.  Tap off any excess glitter and then let them dry.

Initial Ornaments Step 4 add colored glitter to leaves. |

Step 5: Now it’s time to assemble your holly leaves.  Glue the three leaves in an overlapping fashion.  Then secure your beads together.  We selected ones that were on a wire, so we twisted them together to secure, but if you use beads, add some glue.

Initial Ornaments Step 5 add berries and assemble leaves. |

Initial Ornaments Decorative Letters Steps 6 – 9

Step 6: Attach the berries to the stacked leaves.

Initial Ornaments Step 6 assemble holly leaves. |

Step 7: Hopefully, by this time your glittered polka dots are dry and you can attach your holly leaves.  Since all letters are different shapes and sizes the holly leaves may look better attached to a different location on the letter ornaments.

Initial Ornaments Step 7 add holly to completed initial letter. |

Step 8: Cut a strand of ribbon and tie it to a miniature ornament in the length that you want it to hang.  Tie a bow near the ornament hook to finish it off.

Initial Ornaments Step 8 add hanging ornament to initial letter. |

Step 9: We’re almost done!  Now, cut a piece of ribbon and tie to the top of the letter ornaments for hanging.

Initial Ornaments Step 9 add ribbon for hanging initial letter. |

That’s it! Now you have initial ornaments from decorative letters that are fun in Christmas colors, and will add a pop of unique color to your Christmas tree.  They make great gifts and are super easy to make.  Get creative and do stripes instead of polka dots or add other embellishments other than holly leaves and miniature ornaments.

Initial Ornaments Completed Project. |

Other Use: Initial ornaments aren’t only for the Christmas tree.  You can use decorative letters to make your home more festive for the holidays.  Make a long enough hanging loop in the ribbon to decorate door knobs, children’s bedrooms or enhance pictures on the wall.

Initial Ornaments hanging on a doorknob. |

Love initial ornaments or decorative letters but aren’t crafty?  Our personalized birthstone ornaments are a great way to decorate with initial ornaments that you don’t have to make.

Initial Ornaments and Birthstone Ornaments. |

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