How To Make Personalized Dyed Easter Eggs For The Entire Family

We, here at, love all things personalized, and what can be more fun for the Easter Bunny then having names printed on all of the Dyed Easter Eggs to hide for the entire family. Personalized Dyed Easter Eggs sure make your egg hunt easy!

It is simple to make personalized Dyed Easter Eggs and you don’t need many supplies at all. Here we are going to show you just how easy and fun it really is.

Your little ones will love seeing their name magically appear like invisible ink when they put the eggs in colored dye.

Make Your Own Personalized Dyed Easter Eggs

Dyed Easter Eggs Supplies

Supplies for Dyed Easter Eggs:

  1. Perfect hard-boiled eggs (recipe follows)
  2. Easter egg dye kit
  3. Wax birthday candle (some egg dying kits come with a wax crayon you can use instead)

Steps to Make Dyed Easter Eggs

Step 1: First you want to hard-boil the eggs. Here is a recipe from Martha Stewart to make the perfect hard-boiled eggs. Place eggs in a large saucepan. Cover them with cool water by 1 inch. Slowly bring water to a boil over medium heat; when the water has reached a boil, cover and remove from heat. Let sit 12 minutes. Transfer eggs to a colander; place under cool running water to stop the cooking.



Step 2: Once the eggs are cool, dry them off completely and get ready to make dyed Easter eggs.

Tip: For crisp and clear lettering, it is important to write on the egg’s surface after the egg is cool, so the wax does not bleed.


Step 3: Now you are ready to write! Using the butt end of the candle, write on the eggshell.  Note that you will not see the writing because it is invisible!

Writing Tip: You will need to remember where you started, because you won’t be able to see the writing until it magically appears once it is submerged in the dye.


Step 4: Place the “written on” egg into a colored dye and watch as the white writing emerges!


Step 5: For colored personalization, dye a non-written on egg in a color. Take it out of the color and dry it completely. Then write on it and put the egg in another color dye.

Look at what happens! I dyed this egg pink, then wrote on it, and put it in the color blue. The dyed Easter egg is now purple with pink writing!

Coloring Tip: To avoid “brown” colored eggs, know which colors can be mixed to get other colors.  For example, dye an egg yellow, then put in blue to make it green. Or dye an egg yellow and put it in pink to make it orange.



Personalizing your Dyed Easter Eggs is a great way to make an egg hunt fun for different aged children. That way kids only gather the eggs with their own names on them, and leave the obvious ones for younger hunters, allowing everyone to collect the same number of eggs.

Not only can you write names with the wax, but you can do drawings, designs or any other such markings you desire, like the purple Easter Bunny egg pictured. Personalized eggs are fun for all ages. In our family, we personalize Dyed Easter Eggs for each person and have an egg cracking contest. That way you know each person only has one shot and it prevents anyone from cheating!


If you want to enhance your Easter basket, fill it with personalized Dyed Easter Eggs and then purchase a personalized Easter ornament to hang from the handle of the basket, to signify whose basket it is. Great idea for a large family or grandparents who have baskets for each of their grandchildren!



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