Easy Christmas Crafts For Kids: DIY Christmas Tree Ornament!

Are you looking for Christmas Crafts For Kids that are easy to make, will allow your children the ability to express their creativity and have a little bit of fun?  Then we have a DIY Christmas Tree Ornament project for you that doesn’t cost a lot to make and uses common supplies that children love.

If you are a busy mom or teacher and need Christmas crafts for kids, this Styrofoam Christmas tree is the ideal project.  And, because they are made from Styrofoam they can’t break if they hit the floor.

A Christmas crafts For kids. A DIY miniature Christmas tree with glitter and pom poms to hang as an ornament. | OrnamentShop.com

Create DIY Christmas Crafts For Kids Tree Ornaments With Any Age Group

We used green paint and glitter for our Christmas crafts for kids Christmas tree ornament project, but you can use any color.  In fact, let the children choose what color they want their Christmas tree to be.  The end result will be uniquely them!

Christmas Crafts For Kids Supplies:

  • Miniature Styrofoam cone
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Glitter
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Glue
  • Straight Pin
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Colorful pom poms
  • Yellow or gold felt

Supplies for a mini Christmas tree include a styrofoam cone, paint, glitter, pipe cleaners, glue, ribbon and pom poms. | OrnamentShop.com

Step 1: Paint the Styrofoam cone with green paint and shake glitter over it while the paint is wet.  Let it dry.

Step 1 to make the miniature Christmas tree craft for kids is to paint the Styrofoam cone with green paint and shake green glitter over it. | OrnamentShop.com

Step 2: While it is drying, cut two stars out of the felt (you may want to use a stencil for younger children).  Use glitter glue or glue and shake glitter to cover one side of each star.  Let it dry.

Step 2 for the Christmas Craft For Kids is to cut out two star felts and use glitter glue for one site. | OrnamentShop.com

Step 3: Now it’s time to decorate!   Start with the pipe cleaners and make a garland.  We used one pipe cleaner per mini cone.  To secure the pipe cleaner, first poke the end into the Styrofoam and wrap around. Do the same with the end.  No glue necessary for this step!

Step 3 is to decorate it with pipe cleaners and garland looping around like lights. | OrnamentShop.com

Step 4: Glue colored pom poms around the tree to represent ornaments.  Press and hold each one until it is secure.  Pom poms make excellent Christmas crafts for kids because of the bright colors and they adhere well with any type of craft glue.

Step 4 to make the Christmas Craft For Kids is to glue pom poms on the tree like ornaments. | OrnamentShop.com

Step 5: Cut a strand of ribbon and put the ends together, creating a loop.  Place a few drops of glue at the top of the tree.  Press the ends of the ribbon on the glue and stick the pin through the two ends of the ribbon through the center point, until the pinhead is flush with the cone.  Let the glue set.

Step 5 is to glue a strand of ribbon together in a loop an decorate it with drops of glitter glue. Pin the top of the Styrofoam through the ribbon so it can hang. | OrnamentShop.com

Step 6: Glue the two stars together back to back with the glittered sides facing out on the top of the tree, sandwiching the ribbon in between them.  Press and hold with a paper clip or clamp to secure.  Let glue set.

Step 6 is to glue the two stars back to back with the ribbon loop in the middle so that the stars are at the top of the tree. | OrnamentShop.com

That’s it!  Christmas crafts for kids are so fun!  You now have a lightweight Christmas tree ornament that young children can make.  Each one will be decorated differently.  Create a series of trees with different colored themes, such as an all silver or pink tree, or anything else that you can imagine.  So easy to make and so much fun to decorate!

The final Christmas Craft For Kids Styrofoam Tree. | OrnamentShop.com

Want a Christmas tree ornament to pair with this handmade Styrofoam one as a gift for grandparents? Check out our Personalized Family Tree ornaments that are perfect for grandparents or large families!

a collage of Christmas ornaments with trees and family members personalized on them. | OrnamentShop.com

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