Did you enjoy the celebrations we shared in April? Let us know which ones you loved most!

This month is always exciting as we enjoy the fun of April Fool’s Day, and this year it also coincided with Easter! We hope you enjoyed celebrating this religious holiday with your family as much as we did for Easter egg dying and egg hunting. Not to mention, summer is right around the corner, and our students also have graduation day to prepare for this spring!

I love preserving unique memories through my blog, and you as well can preserve your memories through OrnamentShop.com’s ornaments, whether for your summer vacations, anniversaries, graduations, or any other event worth cherishing for years to come.

Top 5 Celebrations

The month of April went by in a flash, and Spring is in full swing! Here are our April Favorites and we’ve collected the highlights below in case you missed them!

1. National Look Alike Day

Twin Boy and Girl in Pink and Blue Christmas Ornament | OrnamentShop.com

On April 20th we celebrated #NationalLookAlike Day! Twins are double fun and this pink and blue pair are an adorable addition to your Christmas tree. Whether it be a gift topper, an ornament for a newborn’s bedroom, or a gift for a baby shower, we have various baby, twin, or triplet ornaments to personalize just for you. Check out more baby ornaments on our website!

2. NCAA Champions – Villanova Wildcats

Various basketball ornaments on Christmas tree | OrnamentShop.com

Congratulations the Villanova Wildcats out of Philadelphia! An exciting game indeed, and what better way to remember the tournament and championship game than with our Hoodie and Basketball Court personalized ornaments. A slam dunk gift for someone who loves to play pickup games at the park or rec center, or shoot hoops with friends after work.  The season is never over here at OrnamentShop.com!

3. National Film Score Day – Star Wars

Star Wars Ornaments in a row | OrnamentShop.com

Did you know you can use Star Wars collectible coins as real money? That secret collection might be worth something!

For fans of Star Wars, big or little, surprise them with these personalized Christmas ornaments. These Hallmark brand ornaments are made from durable resin and can stand up on a flat surface when not hanging on the tree. Perfect for Star Wars fans of all ages.

Collect all four Star Wars ornaments, just in time for Star Wars: Episode IX

4. DIY Graduation Tassel Ornament

Boxed DIY Graduation tassel ornament | OrnamentShop.com

Graduation day is one of the biggest days of every students life, and it’s just one of many as they reach adulthood. It might feel like only yesterday that they left for college, but now it’s time to celebrate a new chapter in your family’s life.

A graduation tassel is significant and memorable item from a student’s class year, so why not protect it with our DIY ornament? With our blog, we go through simple steps to make your graduation tassel into a beautiful ornament for you to hang on your Christmas tree.This ornament can be personalized with your name, class year, school name, or anything.  Be creative!

5. Hairstylist Appreciation Day

Hairdresser ornaments arranged on white Christmas tree | OrnamentShop.com

Hairdressers give us confidence and style with just a pair of scissors. Who knew a simple haircut had such power!

With such a stress filled day, reward your personal stylist with a fun and whimsical ornament for a hairdresser. A personalized hair stylist ornament makes a great gift for the woman who takes great care of your hair and makes sure that you walk out of the salon looking like a million dollars!

This ornament is perfect for your stylist to hang from her mirror, a simple reminder for her to know she is doing what she does best.

Which was your favorite ornament from the month of April? Share with us in the comments below!

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