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First Christmas Together: Ornaments & Gifts for Wedding, New Home and More

Celebrate your first Christmas together with personalized Christmas ornaments. | Ornament Shop

After 49 years of marriage, each year I find myself fondly reflecting back on our First Christmas together.

I love recommending ornaments for other couples’ first Christmas together because it reminds me of all the wonderful times I’ve had in my own relationship. Christmas ornaments are meant to celebrate your most loving year-round memories, so having your first Christmas together is a big deal!

When we had our first Christmas, my husband and I created a tree full of childhood and shared memories. Our tree was eclectic, but together it was ours. It allowed us to each have a piece of our past, and was the first compromise of our marriage.

Build The Story Of “Our First Christmas Together”

Our first Christmas tree embodied who we were as a couple. Yours can, too!

Think back to your first experiences together. This could be your first date, your first trip together, or your first pet together. Combine your two pasts with the new, shared life.

Find personalized Christmas ornaments to help you tell your unique story. For example, if your first date was to a movie theater, this adorable ornament might be just the ticket! You could also have memories of hiking, seeing landmarks or eating unique food together.

First Christmas together couple skiing ornament. | Ornament Shop

Movie and popcorn ornament for celebrating First Christmas together. | Ornament Shop

Proposal Ornaments: Celebrate Our First Christmas Together Engaged

I remember when he got down on one knee and I said “Yes!” I immediately began dreaming about what our lives would be like and hoping to grow old together.

Commemorate your romantic proposal with a personalized engagement ornament that reflects the excitement of the moment, the memory of which you will cherish forever. Commemorate the day of your engagement by personalizing your names and the date on your own Christmas ornament. Show this keepsake to your friends and family year after year to retell the story as much as you wish!

Wedding Ornaments: Celebrate Our First Christmas Together After Marriage

Our first Christmas celebration was spent with both of our families, reminiscing about our beautiful and joyful wedding day. Getting started on your first tree after a wedding is easy. We have a generous selection of personalized wedding ornaments to remind you of the day when your union became official.

And don’t forget to represent your honeymoon! Whether you traveled to an exotic location or spent leisurely beach time, we have many travel ornaments to choose from that reflect your personal style. For most the thrill of the honeymoon comes from being together and learning about your new spouse as a travel companion. It is an exciting way to start-off the marriage!

Glass ball ornament with First Christmas Together as Mr. & Mrs. | Ornament Shop

New Home Ornaments: Our First Christmas Together In Our First Home

Remember, a house doesn’t make a home. People make a home! Getting settled in with each other is such a wonderful feeling.

Commemorate your first Christmas in your home whether an apartment, condo or single family house. With more than 5,000 ornaments at Ornament Shop, you can find a keepsake for all of your milestones.

Glass ball with Our First Christmas, perfect for couples and families of all kinds to celebrate a first Christmas together. | Ornament Shop
Classic Ornaments & Decorations: Our First Christmas Traditions

The nicest part about our first Christmas was the beginning of new traditions that we started with each other that continued as we grew our family.

Now is your chance to create your own fun holiday customs. Purchase one of our Advent Boxes that start the gift giving on December 1st. You can also create your own gingerbread houses, go snow tubing for the first time, bake cookies together, throw an ugly sweater party, have a Secret Santa gift exchange, and so much more! Ornament Shop carries personalized stockings and stocking holders, tree toppers and other Christmas decorating favorites that will soon have your house looking merry and bright. Set up your first Christmas together to repeat each year.

A nativity calendar, perfect for forming traditions. | Ornament Shop
Tabletop decoration of a gingerbread house. | Ornament Shop
Christmas stocking with a cat, perfect for animal lovers starting a first Christmas together. | Ornament Shop

Baby’s First Christmas: Our First Christmas Together with Kids & Pets

There’s nothing on Earth like bringing home your first newborn. The holidays are the time of year when you look back on the miracle of your child’s birth and share your family’s traditions all as one!

Take a look at our baby’s first Christmas ornaments and choose the perfect one for your boy or girl. We have many to choose from, including adopted children and even ornaments for pets if you want to include your fur babies in the holidays, too!

Glass ball ornament with hand painted symbols for baby's first Christmas. | Ornament Shop


Your first Christmas together is a way to start anew with your spouse and begin creating memories for your tree that will tell your story. These keepsakes last a lifetime and will ignite wonderful reminisces every time you trim your Christmas tree. Follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see our best ornaments!

For those of you, like me, who have been married for a while, what’s your favorite first Christmas memory?