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Freeze And Thaw Anniversary Cake So It Is Edible A Year Later

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I have heard from many couples about how they took their Anniversary Cake out of the freezer one year after their wedding, only to discover it was completely dry, tasteless and totally inedible, requiring a bottle of champagne to wash it down!   I have been asked for advice on the perfect way to preserve your anniversary cake.  If you are getting married and want to enjoy the same memories that I have 50 years later (it seems like only yesterday), then follow my tips below to enjoy a delightful piece of your memorable wedding on your first anniversary.


Over 50 years ago, my husband and I saved the top tier of our wedding cake.  At that time,  some newlyweds saved it to use for the christening of their first child.  Russ and I used ours to celebrate our first anniversary with many friends who were in our wedding party.


How To Freeze And Thaw Anniversary Cake

In order for this anniversary cake tradition to be the sweet and charming reminder of your wedding day that you are hoping it will be, there are some things to consider before freezing your delicious wedding cake.

  • Before freezing your anniversary cake, remove all flowers, leaves, stems or any garnish from the cake. Only leave the cake and frosting.
  • Your wedding cake should not contain fresh fruit or mousse layers, as these are delicate and can be damaged from deep freezing.
  • Plan ahead and bring an airtight container that the top tier of your wedding cake will fit in to the reception. This is a great task for your maid-of-honor!


Steps For Freezing The Anniversary Cake:

  1. Whoever is cutting the cake needs to take care of the top tier of your anniversary cake immediately. Time is not on your side here.  Remember that your cake has already been on display at the reception before the happy couple makes their first cut together.
  2. Until you are ready to take care of it, the anniversary cake should be stored in the refrigerator.
  3. First freeze the cake for about 20 minutes or until the icing is hard and easy to wrap.
  4. Wrap cake tightly in multiple layers of plastic wrap, making sure there are no air bubbles or space in between the cake and plastic wrap. This should prevent freezer burn.
  5. Place anniversary cake in an airtight container.
  6. Wrap entire container completely in tin foil for an extra layer of protection against freezer burn.

Steps For Thawing The Anniversary Cake:

  1. The key to the thawing process is to defrost the anniversary cake slowly, so first place the cake in the refrigerator.
  2. After two hours, remove the tin foil and replace the cake in the refrigerator.
  3. Wait another two hours remove the cake from the airtight container. If the plastic wrap easily separates from the cake, remove it, otherwise wait another two hours or until you can peel it away easily.
  4. Wrap the cake in clean plastic wrap or wax paper and return to the refrigerator for four hours or overnight.
  5. Remove from the refrigerator and allow the cake to return to room temperature.


Now, you are ready to cut into your cake!  Reminisce and enjoy your wedding memories, sharing your anniversary cake paired with a bottle of bubbly champagne for a first anniversary you will remember!

If you want to make your first wedding anniversary even more special, get a personalized anniversary ornament that you can hang on your Christmas tree to commemorate the occasion!