Finding the right memorial personalized Christmas ornaments is tough. Let us help walk you through your options!

An angel Christmas ornament, perfect for a memorial towards a loved one. |

When a loved one passes, whether a family member, friend or pet, we look for ways to remember the best times spent together. Memorial Christmas ornaments help you hold on to the fondest times together.

The holidays are when we miss our deceased loved ones the most. We all have traditions and memories to celebrate together, and it will feel just not the same without a way to include your loved one who has passed on.

Personalized Christmas ornaments help us cherish our most important moments of the year, and make the perfect keepsakes for keeping a loved one in our annual traditions.

Each year when it’s time to decorate for Christmas together, you’ll unpack and hang your memorial Christmas ornament, bringing your favorite times from the past into the present.

Memorial Ornaments with a Picture

A framed ornament with a white heart border and dove, personalized with the name of a deceased loved one. | OrnamentShop.comPicture frame ornaments give you the ability to insert your very own favorite image of your loved one.

A picture frame allows you to personalize a name, date and message on the ornament. This memory frame ornament with a heart and dove is made of resin, a durable material similar to stone. We have expert personalizers to make sure that your personalization is perfectly done as requested.

Photographs taken throughout the years can be used in this 3 3/4″ x 3 1/4″ memory frame ornament.

Memorial Ornaments for Friends & Family

Personalized ornaments allow you to write names and dates directly on the ornament to represent your special family member or friend. Browse all of our memorial ornaments to choose the perfect one for your loved one. Many of our ornaments have loving sayings, such as, “Separated by death, always together by love.”

If the loved one represented on your memorial ornament is a parent, you might prefer a mom ornament or dad ornament, such as glass ball with, “Dad, the first man I ever loved.

In Memory of Pets Ornaments

A pet memorial ornament with a paw print with wings on a heart, personalized with the name of your pet. | OrnamentShop.comWhen our pets pass on, it can be very hard. We all have very special relationships with our pets as unique members of our families. carries memorial pet ornaments to place a name, date and special message to represent your pet.

For an ornament that resembles your pet, you might be interested in looking in our dog ornaments, cat ornaments or our variety of pet ornaments.

Did you find the perfect memorial personalized Christmas ornament? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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