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A Handmade Kids Craft: Finger Paint Snowman Family Ornaments

Fingerprint Snowman Ornament

A Finger Paint Snowman Ornament makes an ideal gift for every family on your holiday shopping list! Everyone loves building snowmen, no matter what holiday they celebrate this time of year. If you’re looking for a quick, last minute gift for your kids to give, this handprint craft takes no time and very few supplies.

With our directions, create a personalized finger paint snowman ornament that uses your own hand in a unique and clever way. It’s easy and your children will love making their snowman family members with each finger! All you need is a glass ball ornament and a little paint to make an adorable snowman family, and it’s very easy to add more members to represent your own family.

An adorable DIY snowman ornament for kids to make with finger painting, and has a snowman for each finger. |

Make A Finger Paint Holiday Gift with Your Kids

You can change up the look of your fingerprint snowman ornament by selecting different colored glass ball ornaments. Another way to get the whole family involved is to let each family member’s finger be his or her individual snowman. So much fun for everyone!

Fingerprint Snowman Ornament Supplies:

  • Clear glass ball ornament ( or any color)
  • White pom poms or paper flaked snow
  • Orange glitter
  • White paint
  • Glue
  • White glitter
  • Colorful paint markers
  • Ribbon

Fingerprint Snowman Ornament supplies including a glass ball, cotton balls, white paint and colorful paint markers. |

Finger Paint Snowman Ornament Steps 1 through 5

Step 1: First, carefully remove the ornament cap and fill 1/3 of the clear glass ball with the white pom poms.  Replace the ornament cap so they don’t fall out when you make each snowman.

Step 1 for a DIY Fingerprint Snowman Ornament is to fill the glass ornament with white cotton balls or pompoms. |

Step 2: Next, coat your hand with white paint, leaving most of the palm of your hand without paint.  If you are using a child’s hand, you may want to coat the palm for more “snow” coverage.

Step 2 is to coat the four fingers of your hand with white paint down to about half of your palm. |

Step 3: Now, palm the ornament, allowing your fingers to make prints on the outside of the glass ball ornament. These will be the snowmen, so make sure if you need more than four, you’ll have to add additional fingerprints.

Step 3 is to place your palm on the bottom of the ornament and wrap your fingers around it so that from the front of the ornament the white paint looks like snowmen standing up from the snow. Do another finger for each additional family member. |

Step 4: In order to make it a family with pets ornament, cover the top of your thumb with paint and press it to the glass next to the snowman family.

Step 4 is to coat your thumb separately and place it alongside the other snowmen. This can be a family's pet or a baby. |

Step 5: To finish off the snowmen, fill in any missing paint on your fingerprint snowman ornament with your fingers and let it dry.

Step 5 is to fix up the snowmen with a finger of white paint to make sure they have three circles for the bottom, middle and top. |

Finger Paint Snowman Ornament Steps 6-9

Step 6: Once the paint is dry, add a little glue to the “snow” that the snowmen are sitting on and some dots in the “sky” as if it is snowing.  Shake glitter over the glue to add a little winter dazzle.  Let it dry.

Step 6 is to wait for the paint to dry then add little dots of glue under the snowmen and over the snowmen, then shake glitter on top to sparkle like snow on the ground and in the sky. |

Step 7: Now it’s time to make this a personalized family ornament!  Using the orange glitter, make a carrot nose on each snowman.  Then draw different hats, faces and buttons on the snowman with the paint markers.  Add whiskers, ears, face and a tail to your pets.

Step 7 is to personalize your snowmen by adding glue and shaking glitter, and by using colorful markers to add eyes, carrot noses and hats. |

Step 8: Finally, if you want to make this into a personalized family ornament, you will need this extra step.  It’s easy to add names to the snowmen on your fingerprint snowman ornament with a permanent marker or thin paint marker.

Step 8 is to use a permanent marker and name each snowman |

Step 8 is to use a permanent marker and name each snowman, and don't forget the pet! |

Step 9: You’re almost there!  Tie a ribbon to the top of the fingerprint snowman ornament and your snowman gift is ready to give.

Step 9 is tie a ribbon through the top. |

That’s it! You have now made the perfect fingerprint snowman ornament for any number of family members. Make one for grandparents with all of their snowman grandchildren on it or give to a neighbor or friend’s family for a unique gift that makes a wonderful keepsake for years to come.  Fun to make as a classroom project!

A Fingerprint Snowman Ornament for kids to craft with their own hands and just a few materials. |

If you really want a festive holiday look, make the fingerprint snowman ornament on a red or green glass ball ornament that you can find in our birthstone ornament collection.  If you are really pressed for time to get gifts, select a snowman ornament or a personalized family ornament from our vast selection of couples through families of 10 or more!

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