Who wouldn’t love a Unicorn Ornament hanging from their Christmas tree?! Unicorns are everywhere these days! From rainbow-colored unicorn foods and party decorations to popular shows like My Little Pony, these magical creatures are popular among children and adults! That’s why I thought this DIY Unicorn Ornament would be a fun project for everyone! Whether you’re crafting with the kids or just a kid at heart, you are going to love this Unicorn Ornament!

Looking for a fun project to do at a unicorn themed birthday party? Kids will love this Unicorn Ornament! It’s easy to make and they’ll love having a keepsake to take home with them after the party.

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You don’t have to wait until Christmas to display this Unicorn Ornament. Kids will love seeing this colorful creature hanging from their bedroom door!

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Add a little extra magic to your Christmas Tree with this Unicorn Ornament.

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How To Make A DIY Unicorn Ornament

This colorful Unicorn Ornament is so easy to make! I like to craft with felt because it’s available in a rainbow of colors and it’s super easy to work with. If you can trace, cut and glue you can make this rainbow-colored Unicorn Ornament in no time!


  • Felt (white, light pink, dark pink, purple, blue, green, yellow & orange)
  • Black Market
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • Shapes to trace (provided in Step 1)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

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Step 1: First, print out the image below on paper and cut out all of the shapes.

Unicorn ornament template - cut out these shapes | Ornament Shop

Step 2: Next, trace each shape onto the coordinating color felt with a marker and cut out.

  • Unicorn Head = White Felt
  • Pink Inner Ear = Light Pink Felt (cut out 2 of these; one for each ear)
  • Pink Snout = Light Pink Felt
  • Front Hair Swoop = Dark Pink Felt
  • Mane = Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue & Purple (cut out 1 in each color)

Trace shapes onto felt and cut out | Ornament Shop

Step 3: Start by gluing each of the Pink Inner Ears onto the ears of the White Unicorn Head and the Pink Snout to the bottom.

Glue ears and snout to head | Ornament Shop

Step 4: Next, glue the Dark Pink Front Hair Swoop to the front of the White Unicorn Head just below the ears and swooping off the edge of the right side.

Glue dark pink hair to unicorn head | Ornament Shop

Step 5: Next comes the fun part! Glue on the rainbow mane one color at a time along the back side of the right edge. ROYGBIV – pretending that the Dark Pink Hair Swoop is red, start with Orange, then Yellow, Green, Blue & Purple on the bottom.

Tip: Turn the unicorn head face down and line up each piece of the mane where you want it before gluing. Then carefully flip over and gently fold back the edge of the unicorn head to add a dab of glue to each piece of the mane.

Glue rainbow mane to back of head | Ornament Shop

Step 6: Using a black marker, draw on a smile and a nose to the Light Pink Snout. Then add two eyes with eyelashes to the White Unicorn Head and ridges to the top triangle to create a horn.

Draw eyes, nose, smile and horn | Ornament Shop

Step 7: Finally, glue a 6 inch piece of ribbon to the back of the White Unicorn Head to create an ornament loop.

Glue ornament loop to back of uncorn head | Ornament Shop

Poof! And just like magic your Unicorn Ornament is ready to be displayed! Hang it from your Christmas Tree or even start a unicorn-themed tree!

Can’t wait until December? Any little girl would love to see this colorful unicorn hanging in the window or from a bulletin board in her bedroom. She can even attach it to the zipper of a backpack and take her Unicorn to school with her every day!

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Do you know someone who loves unicorns but isn’t very crafty? A personalized Unicorn Ornament makes a great gift for all of the unicorn collectors in your life. Add a little magic to their Christmas tree with a personalized ornament from our selection of unicorns and colorful creatures.

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