Create A Bath Milkshake For Someone Who Needs A Break!


Before electronics invaded our every moment, life was simple. Animated teens flooded into ice cream shops after school, sat at the counter and ordered up yummy creations from the soda fountain, such as an ice cream Milkshake, complete with a cherry on top. They were such a treat!     Do you know a busy [...]

Enjoy Fall Flavors And Make Your Own Delicious Caramel Apple Grapes


Do you long for Fall Flavors and anxiously wait for delicious caramel apples to appear at farm stands and fruit markets? Love caramel apples but hate the mess because your kids won’t eat an entire apple? Do you wish caramel apples were more portable for families on the go?   If you answered “yes” to [...]

Create Colorful Play Doh In Your Kitchen Using Basic Baking Ingredients


Kids have been designing their own creations with Play Doh since 1955. This educational toy goo helps develop fine motor skills and dexterity in fingers as well as stimulates the imagination and promotes creativity. The vibrant colors are irresistible to children! Did you know September 16th is National Play Doh Day? Ever wish for a [...]

Favorite NFL Football Game Day Recipes For Fans


The NFL Football season has officially started with the reigning Super Bowl champs, the Seattle Seahawks, trouncing the Green Packers in an epic battle on the football field. On any given Sunday for the next 16 weeks you will see football heroes in the making and rising stars take a few hits. Want to make [...] Scholarship Award Winner Announced!

At, we believe that pursuing a higher education is a key component to personal growth and greater career opportunities.  In today’s economy, pulling together all the funds necessary to attend college and further your education can be a true challenge. Our desire is to support students who have a passion for learning and want [...]