Pictionary of Carols


This game is done in teams which is a good ice breaker for company holiday parties!

  1. Get an oversized tablet of paper and an easel. Don’t forget a thick marker!

  2. Write the names of CHRISTMAS CAROLS on individual strips of paper and put them in a Santa hat.

  3. Divide your guests into teams. You may use as many teams as you want, but remember you don’t want those not guessing to be bored, so limit your number of teams. Two to four teams seems to work the best.

  4. One person starts by picking a paper out of the hat. This person does not show this paper to anyone but begins drawing what he/she believes depicts the carol in question while the rest of his/her team members begin guessing.

  5. Someone on another team is the time keeper.

  6. The person has one minute to draw. If his team does not guess it in the designated time. All the other teams get one guess. If another team gets it, they get the points.

  7. Points are allotted for correct guesses. You designate the point structure.


  1. Make sure the easel is set up so that all guests can see what is being drawn from wherever they are seated.

  2. A possible point structure might be 5 points if your teammates guess in the one minute time frame, and 1 point if another team guesses it after the time limit is up.

Written by Dianne Weller