Christmas Wrapping Paper Fun


GRAB BAG EXCHANGE GAMES are a fun way to give a gift for families or large groups and everyone can then participate.

  1. Wrap the purchased grab bag gift or ornament for an ORNAMENT EXCHANGE GAME in paper that reflects something about who you are. If doing an unwrapped ornament exchange, buy an ornament that is like you. See our sports, hobbies or occupations categories for ideas. Do not write your name on the gift.

  2. When guests arrive at the party, have them place their gift in an area to display.

  3. Write a number on each of the gifts.

  4. Then give your guests a piece of paper and have them guess who brought each gift based on how it is wrapped.


  1. For example, nurses might paste bandaids all over their gift.

  2. Accountants might put pennies on their gift.

  3. Scrapbookers might place cropped pictures around their package.

  4. Businessmen might wrap their package in ties.

  5. Businessmen might wrap their package in ties.

  6. If this seems too daunting a task for guests, have everyone wrap their gifts and give prizes for Most Creative, Craziest, Prettiest, Most Festive, Funniest, etc.

Written by Dianne Weller