Objects In Stocking Guessing Game


Young and old alike enjoy this game, and can be created using common Christmas items you can find in your household.

  1. Take a soft Christmas stocking and fill it with holiday items. Guests will need to feel the items from the outside of the stocking, so make sure it is one that is “squishy” such as a knit or felt.

  2. Use items such as candy cane, glass ball ornament, pine cone, candle, jingle bell, mitten, scotch tape, ribbon, small square of wrapping paper, holly, etc.

  3. Count the number of objects you have.

  4. Tie the stocking closed on the top to prevent peeking!

  5. During the party, pass the stocking around the room and give everyone a piece of paper.

  6. Tell your guests how many objects are in the stocking and have them write down all of their guesses.

  7. Have them pass their paper to the person on their left.

  8. Pull out the objects one by one.

  9. After you are finished, have guests call out funny answers that people made.

  10. The guest with the most correct is the winner!


  1. You can use large thermal socks if you don’t have a knit or felt Christmas stocking to use.

  2. Do a test first. Put the objects in the stocking and make sure after feeling, that you can mostly guess the objects are.

  3. Have a couple small prizes handy for the winner!

Written by Dianne Weller