Create A Christmas Tree


Looking for FREE CHRISTMAS PARTY GAMES that are for large groups and are easy to make? Many of the fun CHRISTMAS GAMES require knowledge or skill, but we have one that doesn’t. You can create a Christmas tree with a piece of paper and no other supplies but your two hands! It is harder than it looks!

  1. Purchase green paper, a sheet for everyone attending your holiday party.

  2. Have the guests each fold their paper in half.

  3. Now, with their hands behind their back, they need to tear a Christmas tree, using the fold as the center of the tree. No peeking!

  4. Put a number on the front of each tree, and record the name of the person who did each one.

  5. Either put them on a table as a display or tape them on the wall, and let everyone vote for the best one.


  1. Do not use a heavy cardstock as it will be difficult to tear. A lightweight typing paper is probably best. If you can’t find green, white paper will do.

  2. This is like the concept of cutting a snowflake. You will tear a half of a tree and using the fold, the other half will be the mirror image.

  3. Paper can be folded either vertically or horizontally. It doesn’t matter because you will either have a taller tree or a wider tree.

  4. Give out a small prize for the winner.

  5. It is OK to laugh! See some of our attempts below.

Written by Dianne Weller