Monthly Archives: September 2011

Christmas Stress-Reducing Tasks to do in the Fall

Reduce Christmas Stress We previously wrote about some summer-time Christmas stress reducing concepts, but now that it is closer to Holiday season, we would like to provide some additional ideas to minimize Christmas stress.  Fall is a great preparation time for the holidays before it gets crazy. Christmas Lights: Take out and test all of […]

Cooking Christmas Dinner for 45 Guests

Here’s a true story from a good friend of ours, named Susie.  Susie comes from a large family.  Her grandmother had 6 children, her mom had 5, and most have 2.2 children.  As a result, they entertain about 45 guests on Christmas, which allows more food variety than if there were only 12 guests. Guests […]

What the Twelve Days of Christmas Really Means

Twelve Days of Christmas There has been much misunderstanding as to what the twelve days of Christmas means, partly due to different interpretations or traditions.  It is not the twelve days before Christmas as it begins on December 25 or Christmas day, and ends on January 5.  The twelfth night is followed by the Epiphany […]

Celebrating Christmas in China

With only 1% of the Chinese population Christian, you might think Christmas is not celebrated in China.  However, Christians in China have similar traditions as the United States.  They celebrate Christmas in China by decorating their houses with paper lanterns and lighting, and trim their Christmas tree with paper flowers, chains, and lanterns.  Chinese Christians […]

Christmas Tree Sale in August

St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Visalia, California, raised more than $4,000 in August, 2011 from over 350 people bidding on 33 artificial decorated trees.  They call their annual fundraiser, Festival of Trees, a huge Christmas tree sale in August. Each tree had a theme and were decorated by volunteers.  Some of the tree themes included […]