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Personalized Christmas Ornaments for Girlfriends

Find the best personalized ornaments for girlfriends to represent her unique hobbies, interests and your friendship. |

Ornaments for girlfriends celebrate love, commitment and fun memories that last a lifetime. With so many special moments spent with your girlfriend, whether she’s your significant other or your best friend, it can be tough to choose the perfect personalized girlfriend gift. Luckily, we have the largest selection of personalized Christmas ornaments online! You’ll definitely […]

DIY Unicorn Ornament: Add Some *Magic* To Your Tree With This Colorful Decoration

DIY Unicorn Ornament Rainbow party decorations |

Who wouldn’t love a Unicorn Ornament hanging from their Christmas tree?! Unicorns are everywhere these days! From rainbow-colored unicorn foods and party decorations to popular shows like My Little Pony, these magical creatures are popular among children and adults! That’s why I thought this DIY Unicorn Ornament would be a fun project for everyone! Whether […]

DIY Graduation Tassel Garland: Party Decorations in Custom School Colors!

DIY Graduation Tassel Garland hanging from mantle |

Get ready for Graduation season with this DIY Graduation Tassel Garland! Did you know, National Graduation Tassel Day is on May 17th! If you’re anything like me, your calendar is filling up fast with Graduation parties for family and friends. This is the perfect craft to celebrate the accomplishments of every graduate. Even though my […]