What Is The Big Deal About Pi And Why Is There A Pi Day?


Pi, seems simple enough. It equals the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Forget the interesting facts that its exact value is unknown and that it is literally uncountable. What has mystified mathematicians for centuries is that Pi will continue infinitely without repetition or pattern.     March 14th is known […]

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Make A Lucky Wreath To Hang On Your Door For St. Patrick’s Day


On St. Patrick’s Day everyone want to feel like they have the luck of the Irish, so why not decorate your home with a unique Wreath to hang on your door and welcome all those who enter. Harness your inner leprechaun spirit and cover your wreath for St. Patrick’s Day with shamrocks, the Irish symbol […]

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Top 10 Famous Celebrity Oscars Faux Pas


Awards ceremonies are filled with excitement and nervousness, but above all, elegance. The Oscars are no exception and are in fact the pinnacle of the awards season.  Nominated celebrities anxiously hope for their name to be called, desperately desiring a flawless acceptance speech. However, over the years many Faux Pas have occurred that should be […]

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DIY Personalized Valentine’s Day Crafts Using Conversation Hearts

valentine's day gifts - conversation hearts

Looking to do some fun Valentine’s Day Crafts using Conversation Hearts? Children love working with the pretty pastel colored candies, rummaging through the pile for just the right sentimental saying. Decorating your home with easy DIY Valentine’s Day crafts that your kids will love to display or give as a memorable gift to grandparents is […]

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Innocent Hummels Children Figurines Are A Beloved Tradition


February 10th is Umbrella Day and it reminded me of my favorite Hummels, the Umbrella Girl and Umbrella Boy. I was thrilled to discover that I could get traditional Hummels ornaments directly from Germany! I love the innocence of the children in these figurines and the rich heritage of their humble beginnings. M. I. Hummels […]

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