Women in Space – Sally Ride Biography


In our second installment featuring “Women’s Accomplishments”, we highlight Sally Ride.  She has the distinction of being the first American woman ever to travel to space. Sally Ride led a distinguished life as an astrophysicist and astronaut and she was part of NASA from 1978 to 1987. Sadly, she passed away back on July 23, [...]

Team USA Fights An Uphill Battle At The World Cup Soccer Tournament


After 820 grueling matches on the football pitch, 2,350 hard-earned goals scored, 399 exhilarating home wins, 236 thrilling away wins, 185 bloodthirsty draws, 101 red cards, 2,916 yellow cards and 5,705 zealous players, the top 32 teams qualified to compete in World Cup Soccer! If ever there was a place to throw a party, it’s [...]

Ada Lovelace – First Computer Programmer


As a woman business owner, I can appreciate the struggles that females have in predominantly male industries, and love reading about how they overcome obstacles with perseverance. In this series of blogs, you will become familiar with the lives of 4 women who broke out of their societal molds to accomplish great feats through insightful [...]

Cook Up A Hamburger on International Hamburger Day


A big, juicy hamburger is an all-American food staple in which 14 billion are eaten in the United States alone every year! The delicious hamburger has been the inspiration for several different chain burger joints.  These chains have been so popular that they have gone international!  Wednesday, May 28th is International Hamburger Day.  In order [...]

Make Your Own Graduation Tassel Ornament


Not sure what to do with the graduation tassel you have saved from your big day? Are you tired of it hanging from the rear-view mirror or adorning a doorknob in the house? Making your own graduation tassel ornament is a wonderful way to re-purpose your graduation tassel as well as commemorate a graduation from [...]